Conor McGregor seems to be the clear favorite for MSG, what about the 145lb belt?

Can we bare more of Dana White, continuously recanting his comments on the star Conor McGregor?

After Diaz-McGregor 2, Dana made three things clear; Conor would not be staying at 170lbs, there would not be a trilogy fight, and his next fight would be a title defense against Jose Aldo and unable to comply would result in him being stripped of the featherweight title.

Well thank you Dana White because we are days away from an official release of the UFC 205 Madison Square Garden headliner; that being Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez. What’s the reasoning behind this fight? Well there isn’t one, Conor does what Conor wants.

Jose Aldo has been kept in the midst of all of McGregor’s routes to not defend his belt, only to be left with squat. The entire featherweight division has literally waited on McGregor to come back down, so to hear that he will not be defending the featherweight belt would only be hypocritical on Dana’s part.

Where does this leave Max Holloway who is most deserving at the shot at gold?  Well, he is still brushed aside. Jose Aldo has made it clear that Anthony “Showtime” Pettis is the fight to make, but it may be too early for “ShowTime” to be at that stature yet.


Now what about the lightweight division, Rafael Dos Anjos and Tony Ferguson are set to square off in Mexico City but neither of them is the #1 contender. The Dagestan native Khabib Nurmagomedov was slated to fight Ferguson but due to injury Khabib was left with no opponent, and along came UFC debutant. Darrell Horcher, a great test for Khabib since coming off a 2 year injury layoff. Boy did “The Eagle” fly, he looked flawless and ready to officially state himself as the real 155lb champion. Not all went as planned, after Alvarez stunned the world by knocking out a top pound-for-pound fighter Rafael Dos Anjos for the belt lightweight belt. You would think the next man up is Khabib, but yet again the fight has been stalled and serious accusations have arisen saying Alvarez has been approached with papers to fight Khabib but he is ducking him. So, Khabib will take the back seat again, and he can now mark himself as the most ducked fighter in the UFC.

In all seriousness, seeing McGregor take on a Sambo master wouldn’t bode well.

Then again, McGregor-Alvarez isn’t such a bad rodeo.


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