4 unravelling events at UFC 203

Fabricio Werdum “Post fight kick”

Moments after Werdum’s post fight celebration in the octagon, Travis Browne’s trainer; Edmond Tarverdyan stormed his way towards Werdum and exchanged a few words. Werdum did not take lightly to what was said, ultimately throwing a kick to Browne’s trainer.

Referee calls “Timeout” mid fight

An unexpected stoppage occurred when Travis Browne indicated to the referee that his thumb was injured. Seeing you can’t do that Werdum proceeded to throw punches at Browne, which caused a dramatic “boo” from the fans.

Fabricio Werdum “Flying side kick”

Fabricio Werdum opens the fight with a flying side kick, which took the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) world all by surprise. Unsure if Browne was hit hard or was rocked by the kick, it was still an image worth remembering.

Alistair Overeem claim

Overeem claimed that he felt a tap when he had Stipe Miocic in a guillotine choke. Well, that is  a very strong accusation, in which Joe Rogan decided to show the replay not once but twice on the big screen. 




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