Luke Rockhold may have turned down UFC 205 offer

Luke Rockhold states he wants better pay, and will stay on the sidelines until pay-day offers come into play.

Can we blame Rockhold for this? Of course not. Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz can’t be the only one’s having red panty night, how about red panty night for everyone. Rockhold’s last bout was in June of 2016 where defended his Middleweight belt against now current champ Michael Bisping. Since then, Rockhold has been on hiatus in the octagon.

Not all is bad for Luke, speculations that he and musician/actress Demi Lovato are dating, with multiple pictures of them together to back up this relationship. Rockhold is not only puling in the ladies but making some serious modelling money, which he says he may continue to pursue if the UFC does not give him a fight that makes sense.


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