A potentially overlooked Stephen Thompson

With the likes of a returning George St-Pierre, and Nick Diaz‘s 18 month suspension behind him, either of these two have become the clear favorite to throwdown with newly crowned Welterweight champion; Tyron Woodley.

Before UFC 201 Robbie Lawler vs Tyron Woodley, the story was not as she wrote it. Robbie was supposed to have his quote on quote “all out war” and after that end up defending his belt against #1 contender Stephen Thompson. Tyron Woodley to most of the MMA world’s surprise controlled most of the fight and eventually threw a fake left and unloaded with the right hand and “OH” (Joe Rogan) voice; basically telling you it is all over.

Wonderboy (Thompson) was a guest host/analyst on Fox Sports 1, where he predicted Robbie would be the aggressor and that he would finally get the chance to square off against “Ruthless” (Robbie) ; the showing of technique vs power was among us. Although, it didn’t go the way he planned it. Thompson was given a live post-fight segment to speak with the new champ Tyron Woodley and quickly capitalized on this and asked “what are the chances that we get it on in november”. Oddly enough, Woodley was very quick to shut him down, throwing out names like Nick Diaz in the likes of a money fight.

The aftermath of the interview is not all so sweet for Wonderboy, because it does seem that we may see a potentially overlooked Stephen Thompson for a shot at gold. Frustration has added fuel to the fire, with Thompson unsure how else to make his case (13-1 MMA, 9-1 UFC), also riding a 7 fight win streak, while defeating 5 ranked fighters eventually making his way to win a unanimous decision over former #1 contender Rory MacDonald at UFC Fight Night 89 .

Tyron Woodley claims the superfight between GSP (St.Pierre)  (25-2 MMA, 20-2 UFC) is in the works and Vegas odds have opened up bets having Welterweight champ Tyron Woodley opening as underdog. Here’s how I see it, 2016 has shunned #1 contenders, and newly champions are airing out who they want as opponents days after winning. “Putting butts in the seat” just might be more important than the deserving fighter, then again it is a business.


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