Cris ‘Cyborg’ rumored to face debutant, Lina Lansberg at UFC FIGHT 95

The speculation of Cris Cyborg returning to the octagon has begun. This will be her second showing under the UFC promotion, since coolly calculating her strikes early to defeat Leslie Smith; as the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) world continues to praise Leslie Smith for her bravery. Although, bravery doesn’t get you too far, as Cyborg is appointed the newly debutant; Lina Lansberg (6-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC) at 140lbs catchweight.

Unofficially announced by the UFC, UOL Esporte has broken this news to the MMA world and seems to know something we don’t. UFC Fight Night 95 is set for Sept. 24 at the Nilson Nelson Gymnasium in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia. Additional add-ons rumored to be on this card is brazilian natives Renan Barao and Erik Silva.

You mean to tell me the best women’s striker, the most dominant and feared woman on the planet, still hasn’t signed the dotted line for a superfight or a championship fight.  She has been taunting the 135lb queens since her victory in Curitiba, Brazil. At this point, Cris Cyborg has no choice who she fights against in the UFC. The picture has been painted; nobody lingering in the Women’s Bantamweight rankings wants a piece of the most dangerous WMMA (Women’s Mixed Martial Artist) in the world, which is why her opponent has not fought in the UFC, as of yet.

Cyborg has made her case to the UFC to make a 145lb Women’s division, or give her a superfight, title fight or long-lost rivalry; Ronda Rousey at MSG 205.


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